Office of Life, Justice and Peace

The Office of Life, Justice and Peace seeks to educate, inspire and activate all people to protect the dignity and sanctity of every life, from conception to natural death and all of the years in between. The office represents a Catholic viewpoint at local, state and national levels of government as we strive to protect people in poverty, preserve all of God's creation, promote global solidarity, and ensure a life of dignity for every person.

Catholic Social Teaching:

Catholic social teaching stems from Sacred Scripture, papal encyclicals, Vatican II, and documents from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). It is an extension of the Eucharistic liturgy; “The Eucharist, celebrated as a community, teaches us about human dignity, calls us to right relationship with God, ourselves and others, invites us to community and solidarity, and sends us on mission to help transform our communities, neighborhoods and world.” Catholic social teaching guides us in our attempt to share the Eucharistic celebration in a transformative manner. It is typically divided into seven major intertwining themes. For more information about the themes, click on the Catholic Social Teaching menu item on the left.

Catholic Advocacy

Catholics may join the diocesan advocacy efforts on issues related to Catholic social teaching. The links below provide information on forming the individual Catholic conscience regarding policital issues, a list of current legislative efforts, and tips for engaging in advocacy. Weekly advocacy opportunties may also be found by joining the Prayer and Action Network.

pdf2020 Legislative Priorities(Last updated March 3 2:08 p.m.)

pdf2020 Seal of Confession Legislative Talking Points

pdf2020 Assisted Suicide Legislative Talking Points

pdf Advocacy Tips (72 KB)

Find Your Legislator:

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Faithful Citizenship

Read the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishop's comprehensive document for discerning our individual votes as people of Faith, Forming Conscience for Faithful Citizenship (en Espanol).

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Issues of Concern

While there are many current events, policies, and issues of concern to the Catholic Church, a few of our ongoing advocacy efforts center on immigration reform, economic justice, religious liberty, and global poverty.

Catholic Teaching on Immigration

Catholic Teaching on Economic Life

Catholic Teaching on Religious Liberty

Catholic Teaching on Domestic and Global Poverty


Catholic Campaign for Human Development

Catholic Relief Services

Catholics Confront Global Poverty

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