Be Not Afraid to Love Christ

By Fr. John Cihak & Fr. Derek Lappe

You are here at this website for a reason. Something has happened in your life to bring you here. I would guess that you are here because you have heard the voice of Jesus say something to you about what He wants you to do with your life. Deep inside a young man is a desire to do something important with his life, a desire to be heroic, and a desire to change the world. Hopefully, you are here to open up your heart even more to what He is saying to you and to the life to which He is calling you. Let us listen...

Presented below are the basic steps of vocational discernment. These steps, however, are not steps that are taken and finished. We are always engaging these steps at deeper levels, even after saying "yes" to our vocation. Sometimes these steps are going on at the same time and there is always more work we can do at each step.