Intruder Security Certification Training

Preparing for and Responding to an Active Shooter Situation in our Churches and Schools

LOCKING CHURCH DOORS shortly after Mass begins is not a requirement of the Diocese and is determined by the Parish priest. 

Annual Certification Required

In the wake of many recent tragedies, mass shootings and other violent acts have become all too familiar. Our churches and schools are not immune from shootings and we can no longer afford to believe: "It will never happen here." We must become aware of our surroundings and develop procedures to prepare for a situation "when" it happens and not "if" it happens. In the event of a threat, having no safety/security plan in place creates chaos and fear. With a plan in place, there is structure and organized actions. We must be proactive to keep property, and more importantly, all of God's children safe from harm. 

For step-by-step instructions on how to create an account or log into an existing account press, Help. Select "Here" to begin training. Resources, guidelines and forms are available by selecting Forms or by selecting Resources located at the top of the screen in the CMG Connect training platform.

As part of preparing for an active shooter situation, training is offered through the CMG Connect database platform. The training consists of two videos. The first video, presented in a school setting, contains three scenarios, RUN - HIDE - FIGHT, in response to an active shooter situation. The second video provides information and instruction on preparing for an active shooter situation. 

The Intruder Security Training is required for Clergy, Catechists, Employees, Knights of Columbus, Principals/Administrators and Teachers. The training is optional for Volunteers. However, it is highly recommended for Ushers and is available in the CMG Connect training platform under the "Optional Trainings" section. Background screenings are not required.