Official Assignments

April 01, 2019




Transfer to an assignment outside the Diocese by Religious Superior:
Reverend Augustine Hilander, O.P.


Transfer to an assignment outside the Diocese by Religious Superior:
Reverend Lukasz Misko, O.P.

Newly named chaplain:

Saint Catherine of Siena Newman Center and Parish, Salt Lake City
Reverend Cody Hyacinth Jorgensen, O.P., Director of Campus Ministry


Newly named Pastors/Administrators:

Saint George Catholic Church and missions, St. George (LLC Series 223)
Reverend David J. Bittmenn, pastor

Notre Dame de Lourdes Catholic Church and missions, Price (LLC Series 207)
Good Shepherd Catholic Church, East Carbon City (LLC Series 204)
Reverend Arokia Dass David, administrator

Saint Peter Catholic Church, American Fork (LLC Series 242)
Reverend Ariel F. Durian, C.S., administrator

Saint Helen Catholic Church and missions, Roosevelt (LLC Series 224)
Reverend Anil Kakumanu, administrator

Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Salt Lake City (LLC Series 210)
Reverend Roberto Montoro, administrator

Saint Marguerite Catholic Church, Tooele (LLC Series 235)
Reverend Rafael A. Murillo-Ventura, administrator

Saint Mary Catholic Church, West Haven (LLC Series 237)
Reverend Oscar Martin Picos, pastor

Saint Ambrose Catholic Church, Salt Lake City (LLC Series 214)
Reverend Erik Richtsteig, pastor

Saint James the Just Catholic Church, Ogden (LLC Series 226)
Reverend Reynato T. Rodillas, pastor

Saint Bridget Catholic Church, Milford and missions (LLC Series 217)
Saint John Bosco Mission, Delta (LLC Series 228)
Reverend Jorge Roldan-Sanchez, pastor

Saint Olaf Catholic Church, Bountiful (LLC Series 239)
Reverend Andrzej Skrzypiec, pastor

Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, Orem (LLC Series 221)
Reverend Gustavo A. Vidal, pastor

Pastors / administrators named to a second six-year term:

Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church, Salt Lake City (LLC Series 208)
Reverend José Fidel Barrera-Cruz, administrator

Cathedral of the Madeleine, Salt Lake City (LLC Series 202)
Very Reverend Martin Diaz, pastor

Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Kearns (LLC Series 222)
Reverend Eugenio Yarce, pastor

Parochial Vicars and Special Assignments:

Saint Mary of the Assumption Parish, Park City (LLC Series 238)
Saint Lawrence Mission, Heber (LLC Series 264)
Reverend Rodelio Ignacio, parochial vicar

Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, Hyde Park (LLC Series 247)
Saint Jerome Newman Center, Logan
Reverend Jose Emilio (Joshua) Santos , parochial vicar of the Parish and chaplain of the Newman Center

Saints Peter and Paul, West Valley City (LLC Series 243)
Reverend Eleazar Silva-Galvan, parochial vicar

Vicar for Clergy
Very Reverend Kenneth L. Vialpando, with residence at The Cathedral of the Madeleine, Salt Lake City

Deans (Vicars Forane) (terms expire June 30, 2022 unless they move out of their Deanery)
Very Reverend William Wheaton, newly appointed Dean, Northern Deanery
Very Reverend David J. Bittmenn, newly appointed Dean, Southwestern Deanery
Very Reverend Gustavo A. Vidal, newly appointed Dean, Wasatch Deanery
Very Reverend Francisco Pires, appointed another term as Dean, Salt Lake Deanery
Very Reverend Albert Kileo, appointed another term as Dean, Eastern Deanery